Heartbreak has stricken the hip-hop community. Young 20-year old rapper, XXXTentacion was shot outside of Miami on Monday, June 18. Shortly after, he was later reported and pronounced as dead. The young rapper was one of the recent generation of rappers who used social media as a mends to reach new heights of superstardom, and in many instances, also to assist him with dealing with his own issues.

XXXTentacion has been in headlines for the past two years. One of the standout traits associated with him has been his battle with depression and mental health. He discussed these challenges and struggles in his music as well as on social media. Contemplation of self abuse and suicide have long been associated with his status as a young celebrity.

Aside from his own mental health issues, that enabled him to raise awareness to the seriousness of the matter, XXXTentacion was also known for his acts of violence. XXXTentacion has made media with issues associated with domestic abuse and violence.

Most recently, XXXTentacion has been associated with a feud alongside popular rapper, Drake. The feud was spotlighted shortly before the death of the rapper. While some desperate sources would like to associate the two incidents with one another, police believe there is no validity behind the correlation whatsoever.

XXXTentacion will forever be known and remembered by this generation for his contributions to music in raising awareness to the many issues that youngsters feel with mental health and heartbreak. He released two albums, with the second one reaching the summit of the Billboard 200. He also accumulated a top ten single in 2017 with the hit single “Sad”. May the young star live on happy at peace. Police are still investigating the murder. Until then, his growing legacy and music will live on.