When you hear the names Biggie and Tupac, two thoughts are often associated with them: legends and death. Both men were pioneers in rap music in the 1990s, releasing record-breaking singles and albums that changed not just hip-hop, but all of music. While their fans will continue to discuss which of the two was the greatest, their deaths are also topics of hot discussion. Both men were murdered in 1996 and 1997, respectively.

For the current and future generations, however, this is where their knowledge of the two stop. Luckily, there are two resolutions to assist their familiarity with the two rap legends: streaming and USA’s Series Unsolved: Tupac and Biggie. The show provides a fresh look at the career, lives, and deaths of the two legends, in ways that their respective biopics were unable to.

Tupac’s 2016 film, “All Eyes on Me” was universally panned, meanwhile Biggie’s, 2009’s “Notorious”, was a mixed bag of fun moments and inconsistent storytelling. Unsolved offers a fresh, innovative approach to the lives and careers of both men that has previously been unexplored.

The limited series highlights the early rise for both men, including a friendship that was established between the two — which is never discussed publicly. As the show evolves and continues, the fantasy-esque storytelling begins to plant seeds.

The show bounces back and forth between present and past tense, allowing viewers to receive background knowledge as the story continues to unfold. The show’s plot aims to display that the investigations of both men were incorrectly conducted, and that their murders are actually linked together as a cover-up by the police.

The storytelling is so appealing that it instantly changes the mindset of its viewers. You begin to feel the emotion of both mothers as they are introduced to the show. You continue to feel even more emotion as the storytelling is displayed. The end result is a show well-executed that allows you to wonder what are the true stories behind the deaths of rap’s two most promising stars.

Unsolved is a delight for fans of both rappers to follow the tale of two legends in the game. It is a glimpse of what fantasy writing could display for the current generation, who can draw conclusions of their own. More importantly, it provides the upcoming generations a reason to purchase Hulu and learn about two of the most controversial names in all of hip-hop.

For all generations, Unsolved is unhinged, unconventional, and unpredictably a must-see.