James David Claxton III known to the world as The Franchise Jay Claxton was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, home of The Wire.

Growing up, Jay was a typical little boy who loved to play every sport. He loved baseball, basketball and football and played on every team that he could get on. At the early age of 11 years old, Jay would sit and watch an older neighborhood friend mix for hours at a time. Jay developed an interest in deejaying and this older cat took him under his wings. When Jay turned 13 years old, he knew that he would either become a famous athlete or a deejay. He started collecting miscellaneous audio equipment from different places such as turntables from here, tape decks and mixers from there and etc. He used this equipment to start his journey into mastering the deejay craft. Jay practiced for a little bit and felt he was good enough to take his show on the road. He was given the opportunity to deejay his first house party and was the absolute worst at this party. He was grateful that a “real” deejay was there to save the day and used this failure as a learning lesson to begin working harder.

Once in high school, Jay made the varsity teams for basketball and football. He continued to get better as a deejay until he got that one opportunity to shine and then became the resident deejay for all events at his high school. While there, Jay began getting booked for events around the city.

He was later hired by Unruly Records as the Record Pool Director for the Direct Drive Record Pool. His relationship with Unruly Records provided him an opportunity to get his foot in the door at WERQ FM Baltimore (92q Jams). He was a special guest on 92q, playing from 2am-6am on the holiday weekend only, however, the Program Director was impressed with Jay’s knowledge of radio, being as though this was his first appearance, and requested that he fill in for different shows. After a year of filling in for various deejays, Jay was hired by 92q and put on the #1 rated morning show to do the “Week Day Workout” mix. After successfully having one of the highest rated hours on the Big Phat Morning Show, Jay was transitioned to the afternoon show to do the 5 o’clock ride which was and still is the highest rated hour at WERQ.

To name a few of his accomplishments, Jay was the official face and host of Remy VSOP’s “Voices of The City” initiative in February of 2014, as well as Converse’s “Rock the Mic” Events in July of 2013. In 2004, Mix Show Power Summit nominated Jay for the “Afternoon Deejay of The Year Award” and in 2005, they nominated him for the “East Coast Deejay of The Year”. In 2009, City Paper voted The Franchise Jay Claxton as the best deejay of the year. All of these accolades occurred while Jay maintained the role of Mix Show Director at WERQ.

Jay has turned a hobby and his love for music into a major career. Currently, he can be heard daily on the “Big Mixx” from 1p to 3p and on both of the weekend’s live broadcast on WERQ. In the midst of it all, Jay has developed and maintained a relationship with one of the biggest Urban Retailers in the country: DTLR (Downtown Locker Room). He is currently hosting “The Franchise Movement Show” which is live on DTLR Radio Monday thru Friday at 5pm EST.  is a 4 hour, power packed showcase of interviews with major artist, and a variety of live mixes.

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