Summer 2018 is officially on the horizon. While it is on its way, some of music’s hottest artists have already started releasing some indications as to what our summer playlists may consist of. J. Cole, Cardi B., and others have already released some new gems. The summer looks hopeful as well for the likes of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West. There has also been indication that the summer may belong to music veterans like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna. All of this is mere speculation at this point. But in the wake of the speculation, lets take a look at some dream collaborations that are likely candidates for Song of the Summer if they are brought into fruition in 2018.

  1. J. Cole x Erykah Badu “Photograph, Pt. II” — Remember two summers ago when Ms. Badu released a soulful ode to Fabolous’ “Summertime Shoutout” that featured remakes to several rap love songs? What better way for Ms. Badu to introduce herself into the new generation than hopping on an exclusive reply-remix to Cole’s “Photograph”, a standout gem from his current KOD album. The track starts off with a jazzy breeze, sounding like it was influenced by the works of the neo-soul that made Badu a star in the 90s. Her casually singing over Cole’s hook and replying with a slick verse of her own would be a fresh feel for 2018.
  2. Drake x Lauryn Hill “Nice For What (Remix) — The current #1 song in the country is well on its way to being the Song of the Summer. What better way to cement it’s legacy than pairing the woman who is being sampled on its’ chorus, Ms. Lauryn Hill. Hill’s absence from the hip-hop community has left room and paved the way for many young alternative starlets. However, there’s nothing like the presence of the original. Her singing the lyrics to the hook or doing background vocals of the sample would be just enough soul that 2018 could need to prepare for fall.
  3. Nicki Minaj x Kanye West “Crown Me” — The title may be a bit dramatic, but when you think about kings and queens and hip hop, these two names are surely on your list. Both artist have new albums expected for release in June. Nicki’s current singles have made it obvious that she is coming for blood and reclaiming the crown she think’s she’s never lost. Kanye, on the other hand, certainly has some proving to do for the current generation. The two haven’t collaborated as a duo since Minaj’s first album. A new take on their current state in hip-hop would be a nice cocky tune for the clubs this summer.
  4. Cardi B x Beyonce x Rihanna “Number One” — No other title could best fit this trio on the same track than it’s likely position on the Billboard charts. Cardi is the undisputed commercial queen of urban music currently. Rihanna has the second most number one singles for any female artist ever. And, then there is the Queen Bey. Rumors suggest that both Rih and Bey are working on new music due later this year. Cardi may be on her way to motherhood, but whose to say she can’t birth a monster anthem of girl power and celebration with two of the most celebrated females in all of music before she does?
  5. Jay- Zx Migos “Old School, New School” — Very few artist have had the longevity that HOV has continued to accumulate over the past few years. He continues to remain a prominent figure and force in the music business. There is no hotter trio on the planet right now than the Migos. Their resume is sure to continue to rise while they go on tour with Drake this summer. Why not have the current kings of radio align themselves with arguably the king of all kings?

What do you think of these? Hits or misses?