Foamposites have made one of the most consistent retro runs of creative colorways over the years. Recently, basketball shoes have slowed down in sales, while casual lifestyle footwear has increased in interest. Air Force 1’s have managed to maintain through every era or trend that have come and went. It is time for these two groundbreaking Nike models to once again unite and make history.
Air Force 1’s fusing together with Foamposites is truly a match made in heaven. Nike used the ideal elements of each model to make the collaboration blend. The structure of the shoe is a classic style version of an Air Force One low top. The color is a fiery red foam throughout the midsole. A shimmery black Nike swoosh is on the outer side of the midsole, while the inner Nike swoosh is a muted foam outline. Synthetic leather is significantly firm when you rub your fingers against the smooth texture. Overall, this hybrid has managed to amaze AF1 and Foamposite fanatics alike.
The Air Foamposite Pro Cup will be out 06/08/2018 on and at select locations. Be sure to cop your pair while they are still available.