The upcoming Air Jordan x Converse pack takes it back — waaay back to the start. More specifically, to the beginning of Michael Jordan’s career, way before he became the icon he is today but no less the dominant and tenacious basketball player.

Containing the Air Jordan 2 and a Converse Fastbreak, the pack is inspired by Jordan’s unique Love of the Game clause in his first professional contract. It allowed him to play basketball anywhere, anytime so that he could express the deeply competitive spirit he nurtured during high school pickup games to anyone who would dare.

The clause led to two of many memorable moments. One was the pair of UNC alumni games that took place in 1986 and 1987. Never missing the chance to compete, the GOAT dominated in both, wearing his first PE colorway in the 1986 game and a low-cut version in the 1987 game. Now, the Air Jordan 2 returns to honor both games by combining the original 1986 PE II with the 1987 game date.

MJ’s refusal to skip the 1984 games is the second of many classic results stemming from his Love of the Game clause. Despite being just drafted, he skipped his first year in the NBA to lead the USA men’s basketball team to a gold medal while wearing his favorite Converse model, the Fastbreak. To honor his memorable performances at the University of North Carolina and in the 1984 Olympics, the Fastbreak returns in Carolina Blue.

With Jordans, it’s always been about the  Love of the Game.

This pack proves it.

The Air Jordan x Converse The 2 That Started It All Pack will hit the DTLR online store on June 28th, 2017 for $300.

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