Let’s take a trip back to the 1990’s when plaid was the fad, TV was the only way to watch sitcoms, teenage rebellion was on the rise, and sports fans were introduced to some of the best athletes of all time. Basketball, for instance, was at its highest peak of the century with players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan, and Dennis Rodman literally changing the game.

Nike channels Rodman’s legacy by retroing his Air Shake NDESTRUKT, a classic basketball sneaker that hasn’t seen the court in almost 20 years. Specifically designed for Rodman by sneaker guru Eric Aver, the NDESTRUKT quickly became known for its asymmetrical lacing system, which was greatly inspired by Rodman’s own eccentric style. At the time of its release, Rodman was playing for the Chicago Bulls so the sneaker donned the classic Red/White/Black Chicago colorway and a sleek Black/White, for when the team was playing away. The latter pair became a crowd favorite during the 1996 playoffs.

Fast forward to today, the NDESTRUKT retro aka ‘Wild Style’  returns in both original colorways, with some minor differences on the Black/White pair. Originally, the Swoosh was white with a black bottom layer for contrast, whereas the recent retro has the bottom layer in a matching white. Other features include a fully tumbled leather upper, oversized Swoosh, asymmetrical lacing system with Velcro strap, perforated toe cap, rubber outsole and a stitched basketball logo on both heels.

Make sure to grab your pair 4/28/17 at DTLR