Comedian Kevin Hart may be in hot water after several pictures and video footage leaked displaying him and a woman, that was not his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish, engaging in suspicious behavior at the wee hours of the morning in Miami a couple weeks ago.  The images and videos don’t show undisputed evidence that he was cheating, but one must wonder why a married man would be sitting near a female he’s not married to in a parked car at 5 a.m.  Hart took to social media in a comedic fashion by posting a picture of him laughing with the caption “#LiveLoveLaugh…..SMDH”.  He denies that he was or has ever cheated on her.  The couple has always been public about the ins and outs of their relationship.  The lovely Mrs. Hart posted a picture of her six-month baby bump and she is absolutely stunning!  While it is rumored that she started her relationship with Kevin while he was married to his former wife, it appears that all the Harts are happy and I am here for it!