Three E’s

Education Support

Education has the power to unlock a path to a better future for inner city youth. It provides options to expand horizons beyond the world young people see every day. To ensure that the teens in our communities can tap into the power of education, VILLA supports organizations and delivers programs that:

  • Increase high school promotion rates
  • Decrease high school truancy and dropout rates
  • Increase access to information and technology for teens
  • Increase exposure to multi-cultural activities, heroes and inspirational figures for teens

Environment Improvement

VILLA store serve as community hubs where teens can learn, socialize, and have fun in a safe, clean, and beautiful environment. We are committed to extending this concept into the neighborhoods beyond our doors by supporting organizations and delivering programs that:

  • Beautify or revitalize urban areas and create safe spaces for teens
  • Provide educational opportunities/resources that teach teens about environmental issues
  • Reduce waste / environment impact from VILLA‚Äôs retail operations

Economic Empowerment

VILLA hires young men and women from neighborhoods where our stores operate. Store managers and sales experts are trained to be excellent managers as well as community leaders. VILLA creates opportunities for professional development through:

  • Employment training and hiring opportunities for teens
  • Internal Scholarships
  • Internal mentoring program