Another monumental day for the Carter family is in the books.  Beyoncé revealed one-month old twins Sir and Rumi Carter via photo on Instagram; while her rapper husband released his visual for the track 4:44.  The eight minute and 42 seconds video opens up with a young man singing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” a cappella before segueing right into “4:44”.  The song is his musical apology to wife Beyoncé for many things throughout their relationship and has clips of Eartha Kitt, Basquiat, and other powerful footage depicting social injustices that include, but are not limited to, domestic violence and police brutality.  While Beyoncé is known for releasing all visuals for her albums at once, it appears Jay is going to gradually put out his.  So far, we have “The Story or O.J.”, “4:44” and “Bam” for our viewing pleasure.  One could argue that this is tactful marketing for his upcoming tour.  Stay tuned for more as Bey and Jay make it their business to stay trending.