If you are a social media junkie then I am sure you realized that at some point today your Instagram account was having some trouble for several hours.  Shortly after 12pm ET I attempted to like a picture and my like would not save.  After double tapping my screen 20 times I decided to move on.  I tried to comment on a different photo only to see it said, “failed, try again.”  I restarted my iPhone and turned my Wi-Fi off and back on again.  It wasn’t until I made my post in Facebook inquiring about the trouble I was having that many of my friends commented they too were experiencing the same issues!  I felt happy to know that I wasn’t alone, but then my comedic brain kicked in and I immediately began to look for the memes to post.

The outage affected the U.S. and other countries, including the United Kingdom.  This was an international issue but nowhere near as important as say what’s going on with North Korea… or was it? Instagram tweeted they were aware of the outage and were working to get it resolved as quickly possible.  An update to the app was released after a couple hours and once done all was right with the social media world.  The cause of the outage has not been revealed yet, but I’ve compiled a list of MY reasons for the trouble.  Like to hear it?  Here they go…..

Comedienne Ty Davis’ Reasons for the Instagram Outage

  • A plot by Snapchat to keep their users from using Instastories
  • A ploy to distract us from former President Barack Obama re-emerging into public life since leaving office
  • Serena Williams and her unborn child were subjects of racists comments after debuting her baby bump on Snapchat
  • The Atlanta Falcons had it done hoping that we forget about their epic Super Bowl fail
  • The Kobie Bryant and Caitlyn Jenner picture from Good Morning America
  • Twitter did it so we could tweet about it