This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Washington Nationals returning to our nation’s capital. With such a momentous occasion to celebrate, Major League Baseball hand selected Nationals Park to host the 89th Mid-Summer Classic.


Crazed baseball fans around the country are rapidly purchasing All-Star game tickets to be a part of history. To reflect on the memory, souvenirs are bought so as to remember an epic moment in time. Fashion and lifestyle retailer DTLR has joined forces with New Balance to commemorate this historic event, with a special ”Navy Yards” edition of the 990v3 model.


With the patriotic-themed ”stars and stripes” edition under their belt, DTLR dares to be different by adding orange to the classic silhouette and shoelaces. The color selection is all-American with red, angora, and navy blue gracing the premium suede & mesh upper. You might want to swing an aluminum bat after you tug on the metal-like tongue. To match the tongue, silver accents on the side and reflective heel represent New Balance and the USA, respectfully. Like the teams going head-to-head, you have the home sneaker (on the left) and the away sneaker (on the right) to battle on the pavement. Last but not least, the alternating baseball shoelaces will give a pitcher no-hitter flashbacks.


You will definitely hit a home run if you are lucky enough to get 1 of the 135 pair made! The New Balance 990 ”Navy Yards” will be sold exclusively on and at select DTLR locations. Be sure to cop your pair for All-Star Weekend.


Release Date: July 14th

Retail: $210

*Men’s only