Mary J Blige’s Good Morning Gorgeous’

Aye! Monet is finally getting back to singing again lol. Yes, fans are now locked in on making funny memes of Monet laid out on stage at Super Bowl LVI. The cross between fiction and non-fiction is a thing that fanatics may blur if they are not careful. Nevertheless, the Queen of hip-hop soul is reinventing herself on television, and reestablishing her rule in the music business. This royal comeback is something that only the legends can do in the eye of change. That change is recently inking a deal with independent label 300 inc. The obvious elephant in the room is also her recent divorce to Kendu Isaacs that changed her entire life. All of this is a perfect storm for an incredible comeback. It’s a shame that controversy sells, but then again it also makes the best music because it’s coming from a real place. A place that some can only imagine and where most have experienced firsthand. Being in people’s homes every Sunday night to performing with Dr. Dre & company is a promotion that you cannot buy. Only right for MJB to give the world some new music since she’s back and better than ever.

The album ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ is a collection of records that reflects on the many sides of herself seen in the mirror. There’s a constant theme that builds up the self-confidence to address esteem issues and insecurities due to personal trauma and toxic relationships. Mixed in are tracks that promote women empowerment over 808 beats, while reminding listeners how nobody does it better than Mary (which is true). To be completely honest, I was surprised at the tracklist, let alone the relevant writing style that is current but is still true to her classic soulful voice. Then again, it’s the Queen so here’s an album that displays that. Some tracks are currently in my rotation. Here’s a couple that comes to mind.

Here With Me ft. Anderson Paak – This chill bop got Mary letting it be known that she needs to feel special with a mental connection. Here together, they can be sapiosexual having the emotional bond first before being able to go forward. Anderson’s raspy vocals on a jazzy bop beat are a dope blend on the song.

Rent Money ft. Dave East – When love isn’t enough, what do you? Spending time and energy can be draining on your soul and pockets. After all of the fighting, rent money is still due and no relief is anywhere in sight. Mary keeps it G while Dave East gives a hustler rhymes that are ideally dismissive to her, like most of these similar couples turn out.

Come See About Me – The Queen is in a really good mood. It’s time to make a movie tonight since homie has been on his best behavior. Baby fever is in the air because he’s always keeping it real and that’s the most attractive thing to Mary. Love is all over so it’s time to bring color to black & white.

What song is on heavy rotation to you? Comment below the track you had to download.


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