Lil Durk’s “Computer Murderers”

Trolls and internet thugs are common terms now that the world wide web has allowed everyone to be able to share their opinions and thoughts. Some harass on fake pages to get a rise out of people. Others may leave comments threatening celebrities in hopes to get noticed and ultimately responding. Then some leave a digital paper trail that is self-incriminating but harmless in all honesty. Twitter fingers can easily stir up controversy if done tactically, but in most cases, it doesn’t materialize into anything in real life. Lil Durk is far from the type to do the ra ra back and forth, only for the hip-hop police to lock him up. He often hit rap adversaries with clever one-liners to address the elephant in the room (on Drake’s ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’). 

Being the voice of the people is a lot of responsibility that falls on his shoulders to keep it real. Durk’s life is nothing short of triumphant having the ability to remain top 5 in the rap game despite losing family members and label mates to gun violence. Close ones passing away due to beef is a personal matter that plagues his mind, which he emphasizes on records. The music video “Computer Murderers” is a performance-styled production by director Jerry P. Condominium bound, Durk & crew are living the luxury life in a jaw-dropping high rise. Since most talk about it and don’t live it, the video is filled with an entourage of hitters in high-end designer clothes. Diamond encrusted chains, watches, and bracelets are blinding the screen as trigger hand signs emphasize each heartfelt lyric. Catfish accounts online are constantly bringing up King Von (R.I.P.) to ignite drama that typically gets picked up by gossip blog sites. Durkio knows this trap all too well, so he’s addressing it on record to put the fraudulent in their place. It’s a balancing act being done on the track where he’s making notes of being surveillance by law enforcement but has shooters handling his dirty work. When it’s all said and done, he’s a boss who is now in a position of power. Stop talking if you can’t walk it in real life is the message Lil Durk gets across on this drill-infused bang, bang, banger. 

Have you seen the video yet? Did the visual do the song justice? Comment below how you feel about “Computer Murderers”.


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March 29, 2022

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