Latto “777” Album Review

Nothing is more exciting than beginner’s luck. Fortunately for Latto, she comes from the golden era of local open mics and selling CDs to build a buzz. Fast forward, Latto was hand-selected to be a cast member on the hit show ‘The Rap Game’ which was a formal introduction to what is yet to come. In retrospect, most aspiring artists never successfully transition from reality television stars to becoming bonafide rap stars topping the Billboard charts. After going through Jermaine Dupri’s gauntlet of talent, Latto decided to decline the record deal offer and bet it all on herself.

With the debut album “777”, the self-proclaimed Queen of the South pulled off the impossible and is now cashing out in a big way. Other than an alleged conflict of interest to clear a feature, the list of heavy hitters was easy to lock in. Ease typically is bred by hard work, which Latto has displayed by keeping it professional to earn respect as a female MC. Being an undeniable beauty is something that makes you marketable, but the music is what makes legends in the rap game (no pun intended). What made me enjoy her songs is the raspy tone that turns soothing at the drop of a word. Sensual sounds of sexy bars mixed with savage rhymes are the best of both worlds for guys to nod and ladies to chant. 

Big Energy Remix featuring Mariah Carey & DJ Khaled 

Back in the 1990s, MC had a #1 hit that Latto sampled as well. The butterfly doesn’t get on anybody’s track, let alone DJ Khaled providing excitement for a fantasy collaboration come true. This remix to the classic remake was a game-changer that sounds good.

Sunshine featuring Lil Wayne & Childish Gambino

It was a pleasant surprise hearing her hold a note or two on the hook which shows versatility. Weezy hopping on a track is nothing short of amazing, as he never cheats the fans with effort and metaphors. Immediately after, Childish Gambino rides the beat in a melodic pattern that compliments both Latto and Wayne. This is probably my favorite song on the album.

It’s Givin 

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who wants you but doesn’t need you. When dealing with an independent woman with her own goals, it’s flexible for both parties. Latto is harnessing her boss chick persona and talking that talk on a headbanger that I believe is worth a listen.

After talking to some of my lady friends, their picks vary. If you agree or disagree, share below what songs are now added to your playlist. 


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March 29, 2022

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