Is Power 4: Force Living Up to the Hype?

Since the beginning of the Power Universe, I’ve enjoyed the original cast of Power. Thinking of the family tree branching out, Power Book 4: Force seemed like a sure-fire hit if given it’s Tommy own spin-off. As a fan, I’m on episode three and I am having trouble remembering the characters off the top of the dome. I remember the Flynn family with the daddy war bucks pill pioneer who has a son/daughter duo that can’t get along and work together (surprise). Speaking of the duo, the CBI is equally memorable, but they are still characters I haven’t yet felt. The coyote ugly style bartender has an intriguing love triangle, but outside of that, I’m not emotionally invested and I don’t know why.

James St. Patrick was a pristine version of the criminal mastermind that is Ghost. While Angela pulled James strings like a harmonic harp in heaven, Tommy brought him back to hell on Earth that was his reality. Once Ghost got shot, I figured that Tommy’s story was going to be the most anticipated. No offense to Tariq, but wasn’t my favorite to have a spin-off. Then again, having Mary J. Blige as Monet and MacLean as Method Man or even Larenz Tate as well……….Tate brings a new level of interest that is undeniable. Being star-struck and they don’t have acting chops is one thing, but having great casting made Power Book 2: Ghost a weekly watch for me. Oh yeah, their NYC wardrobe is second to none, but that’s neither here nor there. Even the blast from the past chapter Power Book 3: Raising Kanan had me locked in out the gate with 50 cents mellow narration and 90’s era scene. The show is so captivating that I have my own top 5 characters: Lou Lou, Raquel, Unique, Jukebox, and Symphony (and I just kept out the main character). For some strange reason, I just have a disconnect that I can’t explain. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Power Book 4 has all of the ingredients for a stellar show to captivate audiences, which I’m sure it has. The great racial divide in criminal rings and everyone’s personal life is a real-life dynamic the show plays on I appreciate. Not only does it touches on racial conflicts in business and relationships, but also a representation of the LGBTQ community in having a down-low lesbian and openly gay man in the script. There are lots of brutal beatings and drug deals that go wrong that keep bullets flying on screen. Last but not least, sexy scenes that align well with the original Power book. I even like the cold and gritty vibe Chicago brings. All I’m saying is 50 cent doesn’t seem to brag about the series as he has done others in the past. Of course, there’s a tune-in post for people to check it out, but not any boasting about the ratings which he loves to announce. Black Twitter that used to rant and rave about Tommy doesn’t have the same energy or the expected increase due to him having his book. 

Maybe the book fits a certain niche that is just not my cup of tea (which is okay). I mean, it’s not a commandment for me to automatically like every book that Power puts out. Or maybe the Power Universe has put out so many books that now I’m mentally forming a top 4 list in my head. Either way, you slice it, I’m going to finish the season and put my personal preference to the test. Sometimes great things have to grow on you once you’re ready to receive them. After the season finale, I’ll know if it’s biased or a show that just didn’t live up to the hype.


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March 15, 2022


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