Benny the Butcher “Tana Talk 4” Album Review

Notoriously, Al Pacino played one of the most revered villains to grace the silver screen in Tony Montana. Consequently, the movie Scarface became the epitome of what happens when you truly believe, “The World Is Yours”. Drug dealing 101 was captured in a cinematic film that inspired many youth to go from rags to riches by any means. That was one of Benny’s lines speaking on the block Montana Ave where he got his start in the game. ‘Tana Talk 4’ is the fourth installment to a series comprised of lessons that only the streets can teach in great detail. From ripped-up rags to wearing enough riches to give Slick Rick a run for his money, the project gives a more retrospective version of the Buffalo boy turned man. 

Benny’s tone on Tana Talk 4 is humbling as he shares past experiences that made him into the man that he is today. Each specially crafted bar is intended to give context to every rhyme that may sound violently graphic (on the surface). Listen closely and you’ll hear some valuable gems that you don’t have to go in the dirt to dig yourself. Mastering physics with street narcotics provided a hard story of truth that is packed on boom-bap beats. Penmanship is elite with every word being hand-selected creating mental imagery only a hustler that lived the life can paint. The Buffalo boy was certified and had to cut ties to become legitimate for a change. Coming as the charismatic cousin to Griselda’s Westside Gun and Conway the Machine, the aggressive flow has a distinct level of authenticity that conveys a sincere approach to the trifecta. Recently signing to Def Jam is a traditional hip-hop stamp that certifies he is a true lyricist leading by example. From letting go of the dope game to surviving bullet wounds in the rap game, Benny the Butcher is cutting edge over the competition.

“Johnny P’s Caddy” ft. J Cole – Authenticity is pure energy that is never confused with fake. Dedication to the grind and discipline to evolve is what made him the man you see today. Product punches mixed with lavish rap star living is the pendulum swing Benny goes back and forth with. Oh, and J Cole left Earth with his verse.

“10 More Commandments” ft. Diddy – On “Life After Death”, Biggie provided 10 commandments for hustlers to live by to be successful in the drug business. Benny decided to update the list with 10 more that will help hustlers to not only maintain currently but ultimately get out of the game you’ll eventually lose. With Diddy’s co-sign, this track is the truth.

“Tyson vs. Ali” ft. Conway the Machine – Ever wondered who would win amongst the greatest of all time? It’s a barbershop discussion that inspires Griselda members to construct punchlines that will be compared to legends in hip hop. Converting the streets to beats, both feel like they are on pace to greatness.


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March 29, 2022

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