Yo Gotti CM 10: Free Game (Side A / Side B)

Yo Gotti often gets collect calls from his family who are locked up in maximum faculties inside. On the outside, his team is all players in the game who are millionaires due to rap money. At one time, Gotti was a player repping North Memphis with gold grills in his mouth and a headband. Today, he’s wearing tailored suits and handling business on a conglomerate level with corporate connections just as strong as his street ties. With that being the case, Gotti has the best of both worlds. Nevertheless, this life comes with some valuable lessons learned the hard way, but is accessible for listeners to gain knowledge from. The tenth chapter of the CM series is titled, “Free Game” where Gotti splits the themes in half (Side A + Side B). Side A is more of a solo effort that’s while Side B is packed with fire features.

Free Game is breaking down his current circumstances that show him how far he’s matured, and the responsibilities that come with it. By being the mogul who came from the dope game, the life of his partners and family reminds him that everyone is not fully removed. Since he still was trapping back in the early 2000s, it was hard for him to transition from hood rich to music millionaire. For example, rhymes of being signed to Cash Money Records but still dealing show how he was one foot in and one foot out. Leaving the label forced him to build up and take away. Every record has an underlined tone of inspiration that shines a light on horrific experiences that fueled the attainment of lavish living. To take care of his family and dependents, money is the source that ensures security and potential growth to make better decisions moving forward. The roster of CMG is filled with rap stars who have their labels, groundbreaking show money rates, and influence that shifts the culture. Moneybagg Yo, 42 Dugg, EST Gee, and Blac Youngsta are his sturdiest branches that allowed the family tree to grow.

Teaching artists how to not go broke in the rap game is a valuable lesson he wants upcoming talent to learn. Executive Gotti is focused on visiting vacation homes and confirming D.C. United soccer team deals while dealing with court cases in the midst of enjoying paradise. Tactical thinking from his high retainer lawyers allows him to fight the case while he prays before getting back to the money. Every song has solid principles that explain hard times that built a leader suitable to share advice on thumping 808 beats. Eating with the crew and never competing amongst folks in the power circle. He put on the city without a flaw in his name. Turning trappers into execs, the trapper from North Memphis is a provider who simply wants everyone around to benefit. Being vulnerable on records speaking on crying to God before making decisions shows that he’s grown not only as an artist but as a human being.

What song had you thought on how to make better moves in not only business but in life? Drop the song title below that made you save it to your music library.

Jeffrey Reitzes

Creative Director for DTLR | VILLA

February 4, 2022


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