Super Bowl LVI: Rams Set To Face Bengals

When Madden (R.I.P.) 2003 dropped, I was mesmerized by the Rams Navy Blue football helmets with the Gold horns that Marshall Faulk wore while gracing the cover. After watching the team win a title in 2000, I was ready to rip the packaging off of the CD holder and pop the disc in. Yes, my PS2 took up countless hours of my childhood jamming buttons nonstop with Warner, Bruce, Holt, and of course Faulk himself. As a kid, I was impressed with the flash that made me interested in the sport on another level. For the past 20+ years, the Rams have had some additional Super Bowl appearances, but haven’t won another title. After decades of championship drought, the Rams are looking like a video game all over again with Stafford, Beckham Jr., Ramsey, and Kupp on the roster.

Speaking of droughts, the Bengals hasn’t won a title in its franchise history. A long losing streak has been ready to break for the good folks of Cincinnati. With no expectations to live up to championship-wise, there’s an energy that feels free and jubilant in their title pursuit. Burrow, Chase, Higgins, and Mixon are a few power players on that team that rattled the offensive juggernaut that is Patrick Mahomes and the Kanas City Chiefs in a nail-biting overtime win. Back in 1988, the Bengals made their first Super Bowl appearance and are now coming back to revive a franchise that is demanding the league to put respect on their team name.

While the Cincinnati Bengals weigh the city on their shoulders, they keep the “It’s About Us” in mind at all times on the field. The Los Angeles Rams are favored, which the weight of the world seems to be the perceived pressure due to betting odds and public opinion. One thing is for sure, Super Bowl 56 will be a memorable one to look back on in the history books. If you decided to have a friendly wager amongst your crew, what team do you think will win it all?


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