Wale “Folarin 2” Album Review

Almost every great rapper has a cool alias that speaks to their alter ego. Whether it’s Nas turning into Esco or Jay-Z naming himself Young Hov, the charismatic alias is the rebranding tool that assembles a package fit for fans to love and yearn for. Wale is no exception to the rule with his titled Folarin 2. This is a second installment to an album title series that is built on  flowers he has unapologetically feels should be given to him. This go around, the self-proclaimed homage is partnered with an track-list intended to give flowers to some of his most memorable music influences. With a project jammed packed with nostalgic samples, you mentally switch from back in the day quotes mixed with intricate cadences by Folarin himself. 

Three singles were put out that definitely shows that he has good taste. “Angles” featuring Chris Brown is a cool update to the P Diddy’s playboy anthem “I Need A Girl”. On the record, Wale take portrait appreciation to the millennial world we now live in to post and gloat. Photography is then seen in abstract art from Q-Tip’s “Vivrant Thing” to create “Poke it Out” featuring J. Cole. Braggadocios bars are heavily used to display both their lyrical ability and way with the ladies. The third single pays homage to Swisha House’s Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug early 2000’s ringtone phenomenon “Still Tippin” to create an upbeat version “Down South” featuring Yella Beezy alongside Maxo Kream. The collaboration is lively as they veer off from the legendary ‘chopped & screwed’ sound to a sped up sample equipped to handle today’s bop. 

Thus far, this single line up is one of Folarin’s most impressive because of its versatility. This theme carries on as the album has an assortment of cool loops that brings back personal nostalgia. I was on an emotional roller coaster listening to “Dearly Beloved” featuring Jamie Foxx for two reasons: 1) using vocals from the romantic comedy was a trip, yet genius and 2) he found a unique moment in TV history and made it into a runaway bride anthem. While he dealt with regrets on one end, he was making it right with an old friend on another. “Caramel” is a great record showing respect to hit-making producer and D.C. legend Chucky Thompson who recently passed. Speaking of D.C., the Go-Go flag is waving high with the Chocolate City banger “Jump In” featuring Lil Chris of T.O.B. Overall, the album Folarin 2 is a great combination of showing love and respect while demanding it as well.

What record caught your ear so far? Put your thoughts down in the comments and share what is your favorite song.



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November 3, 2021

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