Summer Walker “Still Over It” Album Review

Maybe this is a blasphemous comparison to make, but Summer Walker is today’s, Mary J. Blige. With the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul reigning supreme as a bonafide living legend, filling those knee-high boots is impossible to do. Far as the millennial women looking for love in the wrong places, Summer is the voice of the fed up. I see a lot of similarities which explains why the music is so real. Both come from single-family homes where the mother had to raise them on their own. Both had a young relationship with a male musician that turned sour in the public eye. Last but not least, a body of work that is vocally soothing with words that are sung with shattered heartbreak. With the biggest Female R&B debut of the year, Summer Walker’s second installment to the “Over It” series is taking the music industry by storm.

The album “Still Over It” starts with Bronx Bomber Cardi B a narration explaining why Summer is “bitter”. Now out in the streets, Summer calls on her City Girl JT on the track to talk about why their previous man is an “ex for a reason”. Ultimately, not having the loyalty she yearns for has Summer feeling empty. SZA backs her girl up in being a savage simply because there’s “no love” where they should feel loved. More songs go into soulful lyrics about disappointment in actions or lack thereof. As a result, Summer continues singing about the various emotions, thoughts, and decisions made due to current circumstances in relationship status. The track I vibe with the most was ironically “unloyal” featuring Ari Lennox. It’s something about the melodic harmonies and uncensored lines that keeps my head steady nodding. The album continues with Summer not getting the closure she needed, which eventually has her going back. Eventually sexy duet with Omarion on the unadulterated slow jam “screwin”. Ultimately, broken promises made her the “4th baby mama” without being the wife she dreamt of. With a heartfelt prayer to the Lord by Ciara, the album ends with hope for better days. 

How did you like the album? Comment below your thoughts on “Still Over It”.


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November 11, 2021

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