NBA 75th Anniversary “Snubs”

My grandfather is 72, so he vividly remembers the ABA to NBA merger. By being an avid fan of hoops all of his life, he has forgotten more basketball than I currently know today. When we discuss sports, the conversation always gets interesting when I have to google half of the players he mentions that are not as popular today. Some I’ve heard of their names, but never was able to see their game. Others I was able to catch occasionally in a documentary or YouTube highlight reel captured back in the day. Researching on my own gave me a level of appreciation that would’ve never been if it wasn’t for the history of basketball legends. My grandfather is a die-hard Washington Wizards fan that has Wes Unseld as one of his top players who scored on the hardwood. As a kid visiting MCI Center (now Capital One Arena), I always remember seeing Unseld’s jersey up in the rafters. Hanging gracefully decade after decade. So when I think who’s on the list (Unseld did), the competition is legendary. 

I believe that the list below is a solid one indeed. Some players I would easily swap for because of favoritism or they simply played before my time. That’s when I can see my grandfather enthusiastically story tell moments in time the replays in his mind of epic shots and rivalries. Check out the list below of NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team.

There are some all-time Hall of Fame-caliber players that were snubbed off the list (No particular order). I don’t know who I would take off, but I know who should be on. Here are a few that comes to mind.

Yao Ming: At a time when Shaq was dominant, Yao came through and brought a playoff pedigree game on the floor. Making Houston Rockets a global brand along with his Hall of Fame inductee status validates him being selected.

Vince Carter: This dinosaur has played in 4 decades, best known as the Prehistoric Raptor posterizing opponents with slam dunks down to him being a valuable veteran contributor in his later years. I’m sure it was a ‘Shox’ to his system not getting selected. 

Tracy McGrady: I guess there are family ties as both Vince Carter (cousin) and T-Mac didn’t get in. In an era where players are known for one team, I can honestly remember his glorious career in both Orlando and Houston. He better makes the 100th-anniversary list! 

Share below any players you think was snubbed and should’ve made the list. 


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November 4, 2021


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  1. I believe Klay Thompson got snubbed completely his ability to shoot the ball the way he does is second to none. Not torment into his ability to sit on defense is even more solid point to his case.

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