Dream Doll ft. Capella Grey “You Know My Body” Music Video

There’s a long lineage of hip hop royalty hailing from NYC. As the commemorative birthplace of one of the world’s most popular genres, New York is the musical mecca. Above all, people from the metropolis are embedded with a city slicker state of mind unlike any other. The custom memorabilia outfits will have Yankees stadium crowning her best dressed. Even though hometown representation is in full effect, the theme is ultimately about love or lack thereof.

It’s hood matrimony to hoop on the blacktop while ladies are looking from the benches. Out of all of the fellas on the court, she found one that managed to catch her eye. She sits in awe with homegirl nearby, ready to get some 1-on-1 time. Once she finally spits bars to him, the scene shows Dream in the projects sitting comfortably on a metal lawn chair. It’s the New Era top that has been causing fashion controversy online. Nevertheless, Dream makes it clear what she expects in a real one, and the chain of events that causes her to not trust in relationships. Bamboo earnings swing as she licks a lollipop in the arms of her man on a fire escape is a dope city scene. Doll continues rapping about how lackluster sex is a waste of time and has to curve if homie is acting wild. She worked too hard to reach this point, so inherited a ‘get right or miss out’ policy with lovers. Going through ups and downs with someone is a thing of the past. When it boils down to it, all men are the same in her eyes. By them being the same, she feels that change is well deserved. Even fighting over a guy is something that is not an option. Ultimately she dances with her entourage at the local house party in the bricks. Throughout all of the commotion is Capella Grey bringing rhythmic melodies with candid moments of fun. 

What scene had you hyped to playback? What outfit had you commented on on the social sites? Dropdown your thoughts below. 


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