Album Review | Snoop Dogg Presents “Algorithm”

Snoop Dogg is a living legend. If you think about the most polarizing celebrities, Snoop will be at the top of the list. From his international commercial catalog that helped grow his global reach down to cooking conversations with Martha Stewart, the rapper turned pop icon has done some unimaginable things. No matter if he’s hosting a game show or being a boxing commentator on streaming platforms, Snoop is an MC at the end of the day. This undying love for the game of hip-hop is something that has never wavered, no matter what he’s doing. Having the ability to be himself regardless of the audience is why Snoop Dogg has been able to have such a wide fan base. 

In hip-hop, there’s not too much Snoop hasn’t done already. So much so, that he’s looking to go back to the basics for inspiration in the music industry. Most consider Def Jam to be the ideal record label to sign with if you were an aspiring hip-hop artist. LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, Fabolous, Kanye West, and countless others have paved the way for not only the brand but music in general. Snoop vividly recalls the days when his 213 brother Warren G had a record deal with Def Jam and how to fly it was. As the new Executive Consultant, Snoop is fully prepared to make the sound decisions to create that nostalgic hip-hop the game’s been missing.

It’s time to tap back into the ‘Algorithm’ to produce new waves for the industry to follow. Artists from the past, present, and future are featured on a project hosted by Snoop himself. Dynamic duo Red Man & Method Man bringing back hardcore rap, while newly signed Benny The Butcher is bringing a variant flow to a classic feel. Now in days, people don’t listen to albums from front to back. Instead, they select the best records and then create a playlist of your favorite songs. That is what listening to Snoop Dogg’s “Algorithm” sounds like. A collection of tracks coming from Def Jam’s All-Star roster as a music showcase. 

What were your favorite songs from Snoop’s Def Jam extravaganza of an album? Put the tracking number in the comments and share what song caught your ear.


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November 30, 2021

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