Young Thug “Punk” Album Review

Young Thug is a melodic slime that smoothly slithers on tracks with distinct tones and charismatic cadences. Soon as he lures you in with the synthesized high note scales, his voice gets deep to talk that trap that makes rats quiver. Through the harmonies are tales of disloyalty that comes with deadly opposition and street affiliation that will handle it in an instant. Coming up with underworld ties made him a respected figure who earned his stripes. Bars of old friends taking the stand or flipping on him is a constant theme that haunts his current success. On this album “Punk” ups and downs of fame is mixed with past troubles that continue to haunt him. Along with booming 808’s is an acoustic calm that allows Thugger lyrics to be vividly seen and heard more than previous projects. 

Young Thug is a rockstar who has an edge to him. Titling the album “Punk” is a perfect infusion that explains the level he is on in the music industry as a whole. Drinking a little bit of lean while on tour is fairly moderate these days. Being proud to have never missed his son’s bday gives Thug a reason to slow down a bit and focus more on the family. Other vices help him to relax while he strives to keep his brother out of prison (after losing one already). With his mother catching a stroke and homies looking to him as the man with the plan, it can become stressful at times. He continues to dive deeper into his personal experiences by rapping about heterosexual confidence early as a kid to his football coach verbally abusing him at practice. At the end of the day, it was the fuel that made him who he is today.

Far as today, he’s living the lavish life you couldn’t possibly imagine. Buying women implants before having sex with them is an expensive flex Thugger is willing to pay in full. Romance is guaranteed as he flaunts flawless diamonds in a polarizing fashion. Things that most rappers lie about having, he casually mentions whenever he’s inspired to talk that talk. Of course, there are club bangers like “Rich N***a Shit with Juice WRLD” and “Bubbly with Drake & Travis Scott” that keep the momentum up, while introspective songs like “Stupid/Asking” and “Stress with J Cole & T-Shyne” is more in-depth. To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised at the versatility that is on this album. Comment below and share which song is on repeat for you?


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