Album Review: Meek Mill “Expensive Pain”

During the pandemic, Meek fed the streets with a clever titled “Quarantine Pack” EP that offered 4 songs hitting all aspects of his life amid Covid-19. Despite having newfound success in landing a joint venture deal with Roc Nation Management, the Dream Chaser has been enduring some “Expensive Pain” lately. Pain is something that the Philly native is not a stranger to. From city Juvenile to generational voice of the hood, Meek speaks a special dialect that resonates with the youth unlike any other. Even though the youth may not know the levels firsthand, “Expensive Pain” touches on the various vices and circumstances that cause agony for him. Betrayal is an underlining symptom causing the pain that Meek is hurt by. Fake friends and casual lovers  Some of the pain is self-inflicted to cope with anxiety, while others are due to the ups and downs that come with fame. 

Along with the life, the update is a slew of charismatic flows that shows he has brand new cadences for listeners to lip-sync in excitement. What is still original is that impactful voice that is distinct soon as you hear it. Maturity is heard in his tone as he raps about a decade in the game and the valuable lessons picked up along the way. Yes, Meek has a closet full of skeletons that would put the Adams family to shame. Groupie escapades and undercover affairs with celebrities are often referenced to reinforce Milly’s player lifestyle. At times, that coin is flipped on record where lyrics of disloyalty and trust issues dealing with wayward women provide. The love/hate relationship with street life is a common theme that is engraved in his poetry. Since the streets made him the man that he is today, bragging about what he overcame is a constant accolade that is impossible to forget. Not to mention the team of Dream Chasers and entourage of hitters down for whatever. What continues to worsen as time goes on is people switching sides due to personal jealousy. Luxurious spending to make him feel better is now being replaced with picking his son up from school. Then that urge comes and fortune is spent on sports cars and diamond clustered jewelry. Features by Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Moneybagg Yo, and A$AP Ferg to name some. Overall, the project is a solid collection of songs that explains what happens when you have what everybody wants yet nobody wants you to have. 

Check out Intro (Hate On Me) music video or download “Expensive Pain” so you can comment below to Share your thoughts. 


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October 5, 2021

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