Drake: Certified Lover Boy

Love is a four-letter word that expresses the endearing practice of affection and tenderness. To be a lover, you must take it upon yourself to perform such pleasurable acts to not only satisfy others but also oneself. Being a lover requires a certain level of expertise in seducing your desired partner. To acquire such finesse, experience in romance is a given. Dates, hookups, baecations, and everything in between helps to build up a reputation for better or worse. Through it all, lovers enjoy the euphoria that comes with being in a romantic relationship while going through the emotional roller coaster that comes along. The artist of the decade that is steadily keeping our boxcar on the tracks is CLB himself, Drake.

From the beginning, Drake came out with the single, “Best I Ever Had” off of his mixtape masterpiece “So Far Gone”. He came out the gate speaking sweet nothings to his #1 lady (at the time), which also provided solid quotes for the fellas to use. The project introduced the world to thoughtful lyrics atop submerged bass filters that were nostalgic to the ear. Since his debut, the continuous theme of being a lover boy was solidified with records validating his relationship status at the time. From ‘Thank Me Later’ to ‘Scorpion’, the albums are filled with disappointment, disloyalty, and disgrace. Trusting in promiscuous women scarred him, while celebrity dating/flings heals his heart with ego. Through all of the ups and downs, Drake has directly and subliminally shared with the world his undying love for romance. After my first listen of “Certified Lover Boy”, I am pleased with the body of work. It’s a blend of toxic masculinity, male empowerment, betrayal, triumph, sex, success, fame, friends & family. Soulful melodies are combined with retrospective rhymes fit story-tell with the help of some A-list features. 

As billboards announce features in artists’ respective hometowns, fans are posting their favorite album tracks. Pregnant woman emojis from all walks of life are the trending cover that is practically impossible to avoid right now. Not to mention the comparisons between Kanye West’s Donda which recently dropped this past Sunday. What are your thoughts on the long-awaited album “Certified Lover Boy”? Comment your real response below and share your review of the album.


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September 3, 2021

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  1. 1st I want to say “Certified Lover Boy” is an awesome album start to finish. I have a 17 teen year old son and we have been going on college tours and have been able to bond over this album. So thank you Drake. I also need to express that it was healing to my soul when I read this article. It reminded me of my favorite person, my Uncle B who passed away December 8, 2020. So thank you again for the fond memories of the past and the new memories I have with my son.

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