Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

Trailblazers have a fiery personality about themselves that makes them stand apart from the rest. Typically, along with that outgoing demeanor comes an agenda that is deeply rooted. These roots in particular are connected by unthinkable circumstances that the oppressed endured when the slave trade was legal. A tree of life gave hope for eventual growth, while the KKK used that same branch for a noose to hang. At a time when a sudden look or word can change everything, being a trailblazer can be deadly. Nevertheless, there are a select few that are willing to take the road less traveled to pave the way for future generations to come. Living life in the fast lane to see how far we can go as a people is what it truly takes to be a trailblazer. Whenever Malcolm X or Muhammad Ali is brought up in class or conversation, you know the kind of trailblazing that they did in their time. 

Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are revered as brothers who unapologetically fought for what they believed in. Malcolm was a world-renown speaker for the Nation of Islam who prides himself as a human rights activist at meetings and marches. Muhammad Ali was a world-renown boxer who joined the Nation of Islam and spoke out on similar topics at press conferences. Both legends used their voices to highlight what is going on in the United States. The documentary focused on how their bond helped to unpack the friendship turned brotherhood that ended and the events that led up to it. Malcolm’s militant mind was revolutionary for not only the Nation of Islam but for negroes as a whole. The thorough teachings from Malcolm are what interested Ali (then Cassius Clay) at the time. Such spiritual enlightenment helped him to beat fierce opposition despite the staggering odds. Learning from X also taught Ali how to be an even better showman whenever a camera is rolling or a microphone is recording. This organic friendship to empower eventually became a brotherhood under their religious devotion to the Nation and their spiritual father The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The very thing that brought the two together ends up being what breaks them apart, unfortunately. With the movie, “One Night In Miami” being recently released on Amazon Prime earlier this year, the few events captured in the film are now expanded upon as an insightful documentary on Netflix.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali is a powerful piece perfect for today’s culture. Comment below a cool fact you didn’t know until you watched the documentary for yourself. 


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September 20, 2021

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