Album Review | Baby Keem: The Melodic Blue

They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Well, LV’s very own Baby Keem has no intentions of staying in Nevada anytime soon. He has aspirations of telling the entire world what happens in the suburbs. Days of him being in the projects with his single mother and corrupted characters taught him valuable lessons. Those lessons were tested on a collection of sounds on a record titled, “The Melodic Blue”. 

Blue is a cool hue that describes his smooth demeanor over rap beats with chill instruments. As he hits meaningful lines about his life perspective, the melodic vibes are bone-chilling. A veteran poise that cousin and pgLang CEO Kendrick Lamar saw and felt deserves to become a part of rap royalty. Even though Keem has the confidence of a vet, his cold flow is energized with a rookie enthusiasm on track “Family Ties ft. Kendrick Lamar”. Despite K Dot featuring a couple of times on the album, Keem has ice veins to put Mr. Freeze to shame. 

His mother is the most important woman in his life (can’t forget about grandma). Often, lyrics are reflecting on times when his mother made the most out of less growing up. As this theme continues to be written throughout the record, this is fully celebrated on the track “First order of business”. Another theme is his seesaw love life where bars of top rappers calling his main and doesn’t ask why goes to admitting he messed up big. Overall, he wants loyalty at the end of the day despite the times when baddies get in the way. The topics discussed have a rhythm and blues appeal suitable for the title. Throughout the record, Keem testimony is filled with a corrupted land while in search of paradise. To make it, he commits himself to killer performances and dedication on track “Gorgeous”. 

Overall, it was a solid effort. But hey, don’t let me be the judge. Comment below what you think of Baby Keem.


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September 22, 2021

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