Plastic Cup Boyz Presents ‘Laughing My Mask Off’

COVID-19 caused a lot of changes to how people live. From empty grocery shelves down to the ridiculous toilet tissue shortage, all had to do there in preparing for the unexpected. With breaking news being the global show that everyone was watching, most wear glued to the tube in complete fear. During a time when most were terrified of discovering what tomorrow holds, laughter was needed. All around the country, comedy clubs were shut down due to health protocols. Just like that, a past-time that millions enjoyed to relax and unwind was gone until further notice. To adjust with the times, many comics decided to pivot by putting digestible content on social media for their fans to enjoy. Others even held virtual events to interact with audiences. Despite the attempt to supplement online, nothing is better than an on-stage performance.

On stage is where the Plastic Cup Boyz thrive. The charismatic trio consists of Joey Wells, Will ‘Spank’ Horton, and Na’im Lynn. All 3 members come from the street grind opening up as amateurs throughout the comedy circuit. Coming of age in the business provided mutual respect amongst them that formed into a tight bond over the years. Most have heard of the talented crew by way of Kevin Hart (who is an honorary member as well). Collectively, the team worked as a unit to assist in writing some of the greatest stand-up specials to ever be released. This formula of success has turned an entourage of gifted writers into an empire titled Hartbeat productions. A part of their origin started back in 2014 with their formal introduction to the world presented by Kevin Hart. Today in 2021, the Plastic Cup Boyz are back outside (now that’s safe…..well, safer at least). In the Netflix special “Laughing My Mask Off”, the 3-part special features all 3 members with their stand-up performance. Instead of the usual back-to-back style, you have the option to watch your favorite or all 3 after each other. After watching it for myself, I can see the growth in material that kept the ATL audience cracking up throughout. If you are hoping to find your preference for comedy, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something to put a smile on your face.

Check out the latest special of the Plastic Cup Boyz: Laughing My Mask Off and comment below your favorite joke.


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August 9, 2021

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