Nas ‘Kings Disease 2’ Album Review

Nas is hands down one of the illest lyricists hip hops have ever seen. Raised in the borough of Queens, but was born to eventually become the King of New York. Wearing the crown is a beautiful thing to pull off coming from humble beginnings. By not being properly groomed, that crown can feel heavy to maintain on those shoulders. Nevertheless, the projects of Queensbridge kept this young man motivated to figure it out as he goes. Starting, he had a chipped tooth, slanted hair part with a Cuban-linked QB medallion. Now he rocks a flawless Colgate grin, the same memorable part, and jewelry fit for a royal treasure chest. He managed to show that he is and always will be the don in this rap game, no matter the era. 

Being great with the pen is a strong suit of Nas’s that can’t be denied. Clever wordplay and descriptive metaphors have painted vivid pictures for listeners around the world. Proving how Illmatic (and stillmatic) he was, validated why his music continues to get better with time. Having such longevity is rare, by it being mostly about who has the youngest artist with the hottest song. Even though this strategy is common in the music business, Nas manages to float to the Billboard charts while new rappers drown continuously. Instead of following the wave, he rather whirls up a tidal wave to wipe out anything that decides to stand in his way. Especially since he doesn’t bother anybody. Often, God’s Son is quiet and looks around to calculate his next move. This is what kept his reign intact. Eventually, King’s disease starts to set in. It’s a time in a King’s life where he is poisoned by the overindulgence of life’s pleasures and vices. Nas ‘King’s Disease’ was an instant classic produced by Hit-boy. Together, they both became Grammy award winners for ‘Best Rap Album’ on the work they did on the project. To the world surprise, Nas & Hit-boy are back again with a sequel to the instant classic. “Kings Disease 2” is ready to double up with a listening experience unlike any other. 

Did you expect to see this follow-up come so soon? Are you excited to see what is the best record on the album? Comment below and lets us know what you think.


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August 6, 2021

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