Movie Review | Space Jam: A New Legacy

I was 7 years old when I was introduced to Space Jam for the first time. Like most children, I kept thinking to myself “I wish I can be like Mike” while the song played inside of my head. Seeing the greatest player in the world in a motion picture was a treat that instantly had me excited to watch. What up the ante was his supporting cast that most kids are very fond of. Looney Tunes is an iconic cartoon franchise that warned the heart from generation to generation with animated series and films. Bringing the best player and best cartoon in one motion picture sounds like an impossible collaboration. Nevertheless, the movie was oh so real and so was the pandemonium. Space Jam grossed $180 million worldwide and instantly became a cult classic despite MJ’s mediocre acting skills. 

Over the years, the Retro Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” has kept the nostalgia of the brand safe and secure. Rapper Lil Bow Wow even acted in the movie “Like Mike” in 2002 which a pair of beat-up MJ sneakers gave him his Jumpman skills and more. Still, most wanted a sequel to such a cool movie that becomes a franchise. Coming up in high school was a junior who Sports Illustrated nicknamed “The Chosen One” back in 2002 as well. Wearing number 23, a kid from Akron had ambitions to be King. Yes, LeBron James has been reigning over the NBA for some time now being the face of the league. Rumblings of a sequel have been rumored for years, but it seemed like a stretch until the present time. Instead of making a sequel with limited acting experience, LeBron began working in front and behind the scenes. Movies like Trainwreck and Smallfoot were solid introductions to Hollywood. His production SpringHill Company with partner Maverick Carter has shown his social intellect and production abilities on shows like ‘The Shop’ for example. 

LeBron James is now ready to take on Space Jam by bringing in ‘A New Legacy’ to the forefront. The storyline is similar with a computerized twist versus the more alien approach than before. LeBron and his son Dom become trapped in a digital realm by an artificial intelligence bandit. Dom is captured by the A.I. bandit and LeBron is now determined to get his son back at all costs. To get his son back and return to planet Earth in one peace, James teams up with the Looney Tunes for a high-stakes match against A.I.’s digitized champions. The trailer shows that this movie has revamped a cult classic to fit this generation. With an all-star cast from actors to athletes, this film will make history once again at the box office. Comment below if you’re ready to give Space Jam: A New Legacy a chance or stick to the original Space Jam. 


Writing is a craft that LaMon "Noy" Byrams developed at a young age, but never used it on a professional level. After interning at DTLR/VILLA, the company decided to acquire his literary talents to write compelling articles focused on their latest shoes and sneakers.

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