G Herbo “25” Album Review

Mr. Swervo himself has been living life in the fast lane since he pulled up on the scene. From being an underground legend during the original drill era to peaking at #5 on Billboard, things have blossomed for one of Chi-town’s best rappers. Clubs are in the past, G Herbo rather handles biz. He’s an entrepreneurial father with two beautiful kids. At the age of 25, G is trying to change the cycle while rapping about his life experiences. You’re considered an OG at age 25, identifying how momentous it is to make it to your mid-twenties. Nevertheless, it is an accomplishment in his heart, and those who didn’t make it to see 25 he holds dear to. 

G Herbo got rich with no jail time. That’s a memorable chant on the self-titled record, “No Jail Time”. There’s a constant theme of gratitude for what he has and what he has become. With gratitude comes grief due to his loves who have fell victim to gun violence. Dead or jail are two options that were common in the streets, so you getting out rich is a dream. To many, Herbo is living the dream based on riches. With money came war stories, daily reinforcements, and nightmares of PTSD. You can take G out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of G. His lifestyle is heavenly, but he came from hell on Earth to live it. Fighting demons and watching for his opps is what it takes for him to see another 25. For now, he has a collection of records that discuss heartbreak, hard work, humility, and hardcore.

Check out the latest single “I Don’t Wanna Die” and comment below are you feeling the music video?


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July 7, 2021

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