Wale “Angles” Ft. Chris Brown Music Video

It’s no secret that Wale is a hopeless romantic with the hood appeal that the ladies appreciate and love. From his poetic passages to clever punchlines, he has a great balance between empowering women while keeping it real for the fellas. His latest single “Angles” produced by Hitmaka is set to be a summer smash that all socialites can relate to. Featuring his Virginia partner Chris Brown, the song goes into the difficulties that come with the dating scene today. As so many beautiful females decide to make profiles showing off their looks, Chris explains his appreciation on the hook. This appreciation turns into a realization that he can’t tame nor change the ways that ultimately attracted him in the first place. 

Wale tells a story that is filled with entitlement along with an understanding of where the problems reside in the relationship. He is reminiscing on his current status as single while thinking of his past lover. Despite him being with the MMG entourage at Rick Ross’s mansion, he still feels alone inside. Lonely nights start to playback in his mind memories of Folarin buying the love, not knowing how to properly love his mate which he mentioned on the uptempo track. Talks of expensive ring purchases, fancy dinner dates, and visuals of exotic car surprises continue to haunt him. Eventually, the woman of interest vanishes after every moment shared. Banking off of potential never panned out, which causes disappointment. With feelings in the balance, Wale focuses on her sex appeal which attracted him, to begin with (like Chris Brown). Bragging about her trophy wife’s physique and showing it off to make onlookers jealous and to anger her ex-mate. This pettiness and overall toxicity turn him on, long as she poses for him at the end of the day. 

The sample of P. Diddy & Usher’s “I Need a Girl” with the new generation giving their twist is a vibe. Check out the video and tell me what part you like most?


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June 23, 2021

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