The Migos ‘Culture 3” Album Review

Back in 2013, the rap game was introduced to a family trio that would change the landscape of music forever. At first, the unique flow and intricate cadence was a nostalgic pattern that spoke to the youth but was looked down upon amongst golden-era hip-hop heads. Leading the way by bringing something new that has never been heard before, plenty of critics and fans considered their style to be “mumble rap”. Fast forward to 2021, there isn’t a genre of music that hasn’t been influenced by what they brought to the game. The euphoric bop made rappers take pride in rapping with steady speed while keeping subject matter street-oriented for artists who came along after them. After I heard artists by the likes of Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift dropping records with the flow, I then knew that the fade critics predicted isn’t going down. Their impact is embedded in music beyond the north side of Atlanta. 

With ‘Young Rich Ni**as’ and ‘No Label’ mixtape series heating the streets, their impact transcended with catchy pop references used to describe hustling activity. After creating the “dab” dance, it was clear that they’re leading the culture. With a self-explanatory title, ‘The Culture’ album series validated that Migos are the epitome of what everyone in the game wants to be (or else their sound wouldn’t be so popular across music). Once ‘Culture 2’ dropped, history was made again with a #1 record in ‘Bad and Boujee’ and a grammy nomination for the trap rap trio. After Quavo, Take-Off, and Offset put out solo efforts, the world has been anticipating another group project. Answering our prayers, the third installment of the series “Culture 3” has finally come out. 

This 19 tracklist is filled with a plethora of A-list artists who came to provide top-notch features for the trilogy. With the untimely passings of Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke, having those features instantly made this project a must-listen. There are no interludes to tie in the self-explanatory album. The only thing needed to bring the project together is 808 banging beats, crispy snares, and the signature flow that everyone to this day is trying to copy. Personally, the album is hard and has more knockers than I expected. Here are a few notable tracks that you might want to check out. 

Having Our Way (feat. Drake): Being on top of their game while on top of the charts, extended member Drake joins the trifecta to discuss their dominance and persevere in the process.

Type Sh*t (feat Cardi B): Keeping it gangsta, Cardi joins hubby and in-laws in a family matter unlike any other.

Roadrunner: This high-speed bounce gives insight into how they live in the fast lane with no intentions of slowing down. 

What You See (feat Justin Beiber): With fame and love on the line, Beiber accompanies the crew to describe what they go through in relationships.

Mahomes: This record is a flat-out knocker that reminds me of their classic records that made them beloved amongst trap rap fanatics. 

Listen to the full album below and be sure to comment on what your favorite track is below. 


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June 14, 2021

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