H.E.R. “Back of My Mind” Album Review

For the longest, the soulful sounds of this mysterious songstress had me simply wondering who she was. With a head full of voluptuous hair, large stunner shades, and an incognito demeanor to match, it made me want to know more about her (pun intended). The appearance and musical stylings didn’t just work on me, but it did wonders for keeping her mystique while early adopters focused on her talent. Covering the face with subtle hand gestures made it cool for people to take pictures alongside her as well. All of this was a masterful marketing play for people to inquire more. In turn, they realized once taking a listen that she is a prodigy of music with a specialization in classic R&B. 

Classic R&B has been putting out quality projects and albums despite the public perception of the produced material. The global dominance of Rap and its melodic makeup has made it difficult for actual singers to be appreciated as a result. H.E.R. is a prodigy that not only sings but plays an assortment of instruments and composes most of her records. Now a Grammy-award-winning artist, she has already cemented herself without even dropping a debut album. Fans have been patiently waiting for a collection of songs that spoke to them and represented her entirely. With the debut album titled “Back on My Mind,” I was excited to hear all of the things, she has been pondering about. 

In pursuit of quiet, all noise surrounding and listen to her voice, H.E.R. channels in inner peace and spills her heart out on this 21 track sonic experience. A powerful tandem of vocals and vulnerability gives listeners a glimpse of what has happened in the past, where she is now, and hopes of a promising future. In an age where digital programmed beats and keys are the waves, live instrumentation is refreshing to the ear with an organic appeal that is unmatched. From heartfelt slow jams to uptempo funky grooves, the album has many pockets that simply display the modes that come with her musical toolbox. With the celebration of R&B being the main focus, features from some of the best artists today made an appearance on the album like DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller, Cordae, and Lil Baby just to name a few. Here are a few singles/visuals that you must check out if you haven’t to get up to speed. 

H.E.R., photo by Tim Saccenti

Slide (feat. YG) : This head-nodding summertime banger is perfect for riding with your bae on a warm night.

Damage : Making President Obama’s favorite song list for 2020, this song is a ballet of emotion and pure poise unlike any other.

Come Through (feat. Chris Brown) : The latest single makes it clear with C Breezy what should be considered before the sun comes up. 


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June 23, 2021

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