Fresh, Fried & Crispy: He loves ‘The Local Oyster’

Since 2009, fried food veteran Daym Drops has made an illustrious catalog of eatable videos that grew into a YouTube following unlike any other. After years of doing extensive fast food research and millions of views to his name, Netflix came up with the bright idea of putting a show together titled “Fresh, Fried & Crispy”. Paying homage to Daym’s original fan base, the show is simply an amplified version of the personal reviews he has typically done in the car and other convenient locations. This time around, Daym is searching far and wide throughout the country to find the best-fried food America has to offer. 

Eat, review, and repeat is a constant cycle of constructive criticism mixed with deliciousness. While some are better than others, his ultimate goal is to find an experience with every bite. He went all over the U.S.A. with restaurants stating that their food is the best around. While looking for the best-fried food around, Daym had a favorite restaurant of the season that hailed from Baltimore, Maryland. Out of all of the many grub spots located in this food building hub, “The Local Oyster” is one that has customers circling the block to eat their fine cuisine. The Local Oyster is a perfect blend of new and old Maryland seafood traditions. Located in Mount Vernon, the restaurant made its name off of the ‘Colossal Crab Sandwich’ that took Daym’s heart for ransom. With a fried soft shell crab cake is topped off with lettuce and tomato on Texas toast, this monstrosity of a sandwich is unlike any other. The game-changer was when Daym replaced the original toppings with potato chips and Old Bay seasoning! This combination of goodness made “The Local Oyster” the season’s favorite ahead of the competition.

Be sure to watch episodes on Netflix and see what restaurant is your favorite? 


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June 28, 2021


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