Fight Night Between Davis vs Barrios

Floyd was quoted for beating the best at 130, 135, and 140. Gervanta had the same aspirations. The only difference is he was a year younger than Floyd looking to achieve such a feat. Being the heir to the Mayweather throne, he plans to limit his troubles outside of the ring to focus on greatness inside of the ring. Standing in his way is an opponent that is far from a tune-up fight. Mario Barrios was an undefeated champion with a larger frame and all-out brawler looking to keep his belt at all costs. Both fighters had no losses under their belts. So perfection and bragging rights were obviously on the line to either continue Gervanta’s unblemished popularity or ascend Barrios’s career at being the next Mexican superstar to reign in boxing. 

By Gervanta being a boxing superstar already, you can never please critics. There’s always an excuse as to why he has won whether it was his opponents’ size, weight, or experience. With Barrios being his opponent across the ring, he checked off every attribute on that list. Mario is naturally a bigger man in physical stature. He also weighs more by being in a heavier weight class that he had dominated. Furthermore, experience is established by being a super lightweight champion with a belt to his name. Excuses are none against El Azteca (warrior), especially with the WBA championship on the line. His rapid ascension in 2019 earning his first belt put him on the track to go against the fan-favorite Gervanta Davis. Press conferences and the weigh-in were fairly civil, but it was simply the calm before the storm.

Fight night was electric out of the gate. All of the undercards had explosive knockouts that set the tone for the night. With matches ending earlier than the rounds given, the main event started earlier (which I love personally). Like the world-renowned boxing announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr., “It’s SHOWTIME!”. First, El Azteca aka Mario Barrios stepped out paying homage to his honorable heritage as a Mexican warrior. From native drums to his elaborate outfit, he was ready to battle it out, unlike any other opponent Gervanta has ever had. By Davis being from Baltimore with his adopted home of Atlanta, he showed love to the home crowd by having rap superstar Lil Baby perform while walking to the ring. A thrilling and competitive bout went down for both boxers to keep that 0 on their record. It went an amazing 11 out of 12 rounds which almost had gone the distance. Davis was smaller in height but not in power punching. Barrios landed big shots but never overextended. The scorecards were close which had Floyd nervous, so much so that he went to the corner to inspire Gervanta. Davis managed to drop Barrios on three occasions (for the first time in his career). With the third knockout sealing the deal for Davis, he managed to win the title to become a 3-division Champion!

The Pay-Per-View went down this past Saturday, but you’ll get a chance to watch the replay this weekend on Showtime. Who did you have and why? Comment below your thoughts on this historic fight.


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June 30, 2021

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