DJ Khaled Ft. Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby & Da Baby “I Did It” Music Video

It seems like DJ Khaled always has “Another One” in the chamber to feed the people who don’t want to see him win. Since they keep saying that he’s not capable of dropping another anthem, he does just that with every single he releases. Somehow, someway, Khaled pops up with creative ideas to give fans exciting collaborations and fun-filled experiences. To up the ante, Director Dave Meyers was called to take on the task of making a monumental music video. Missy Elliott, Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift are just a few of A-list artists who are a part of Dave Meyer’s history. With that being said, it’s a pretty penny to have a director of his caliber on board.

DJ Khaled kept Dave’s expensive price tag in mind by doing shameless plugs before the music video began. Staying supportive of his hip-hop mogul friends and sponsorships that he has developed over the years. P. Diddy’s Deleon, Rick Ross’s Belaire, Budlight Platinum Seltzer, and Chime app were shamelessly plugged (just to cover that Dave Meyers budget). Once the invoices cleared, DJ Khaled began running through a mansion located in pure paradise. With backup dancers moving and shaking out of control, everyone was waiting for the grand entrance by Hot Girl Summer’s very own Megan Thee Stallion. Out of the sky, Megan lands gracefully wearing a sky blue onesie to match the parachute. Once she was spitting fire, Stallion got on her horse which fits her mantra to the T. After the first verse ended, the next scene featured Lil Baby practically flying in a neon green speed boat. Living life in the fast lane, Lil Baby reflects with Khaled about his humble beginnings turned glorious reality. Last but not least, Da Baby kept it poolside in all-white overalls to match his elaborate entourage back at the mansion. Not to mention Da Baby hanging off a chandelier is super cool for all of the party animals. With Post Malone vocals on the hook, this record is expected to top the Billboard charts immediately. 

Check out the latest music video “I Did It” off of the album, ‘Khaled Khaled’. Let us know your favorite scene or verse on the record. 


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