A Blast From the Past in the Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2 “Nerf”

As a kid growing up in the ’90s, watching Saturday morning cartoons was practically a ritual. Making a big bowl of cereal while sitting too close to the television. In between watching my favorite characters on the tube, I was welcomed with back-to-back commercials showing toys I would eventually add to my Christmas list. But there was a particular toy that just couldn’t wait until the Winter season. The company Nerf made some of the most captivating scenes that featured kids having the time of their lives. Whether it was a supersonic football that made a screeching sound when thrown or a super soaker with a water backpack, the experience was unparalleled. After begging my parents for another gadget to add to my toy chest, I eventually got some that made my childhood the best. 

Just like Nerf, Reebok was very prominent in the ’90s. During a time when the aerobics boom had the world on the exercise tip, the brand became a cultural standard. Another reason why the brand was favored was due to its focus on basketball silhouettes that dominated the blacktop. Cool features like the “Pump” gave players on the court the ability to add air to give their feet that extra hop no other sneaker could at the time. Unanimously, both brands would be selected to represent the 90’s if we had to put items in a time capsule. Before we consider doing such, the two have joined forces to give us the best of both worlds with the Reebok Pump Omni “Zone 2”. 

Today, most of the kicks that drop typically are high tops or low tops. For this release, the mid-cut is making a glorious comeback to bring back its classic nostalgia. The Omni Pump once ruled the court, and now old heads and young blood have the opportunity to enjoy this archived design together for the first time. The design kept its original look with an obvious influence of the Nerf era. Neon is the color scheme of choice to bring excitement to the sneaker. Nerf is boldly placed on the tongue in a cartoonish fashion. Pump technology makes a grand appearance to give each wearer that additional hop. Fitting is customized, made to feel comfortable no matter what move you make in them. Retro in aesthetic, hexalite keeps each stride secure. Leather is the ideal fabric for the upper with textile and synthetic blends in the accent areas. EVA midsole is built while textile lining keeps the shoe in place. Immediately below is a rubber outsole to contrast the lime midfoot. Color is popping with splatter graphics to further demonstrate fun-filled times. With mismatched makeup and lateral logos stamping the sneaker, this is a colorway unlike any other. 

The Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2 “Nerf” is out on 06/25/2021 on www.dtlr.com and at local DTLR/VILLA locations. 


Writing is a craft that LaMon "Noy" Byrams developed at a young age, but never used it on a professional level. After interning at DTLR/VILLA, the company decided to acquire his literary talents to write compelling articles focused on their latest shoes and sneakers.

June 22, 2021

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