Netflix Presents: The Upshaws

Seems like Netflix has no plans on slowing down as they have been releasing not only exclusive movies for the streaming platform, but also full-length series to reach its universal audience. With “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” landing the number 1 spot in its debut and confirmed for a second season, “The Upshaws” are looking to make their own mark as the new family comedy on the block. Based in Indiana where comedic star Mike Epps was raised, the story is centered around a working class Black family struggling to make it work and do get through life’s obstacles in the process. 

Mike Epps plays Bennie Upshaw, a can’t get right automotive mechanic with a blended family and a world of daily troubles turned valuable lessons. Legendary actor Kim Fields plays Regina Upshaw, wife to his children and the glue to his constantly shattering world. Regina’s sister Lucretia played by Wanda Sykes is the added comic relief that helps weather the storm of marriage issues, baby mama drama, and all other family matters.

Executive Produced by Mike Epps and Wanda Skyes, this 10 episode series is far from your typical cookie cutter show. More concepts and dialogue is realistic to everyday life, which has resonated well with audiences. If you’re looking for a television show that gives you a dose of realness in each scene, this is the series for you. 

After checking out the series, “The Upshaws” for yourself, be sure to comment below what you think of the show. 


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May 24, 2021

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