Moneybagg Yo Ft. Polo G & Lil Durk “Free Promo” Music Video

“A Gangsta’s Pain” is a musical depiction of the good and evil in the streets narrated by Tennessee tycoon Moneybagg Yo. With his latest effort peaking at #1 on the hip-hop chart, his new single “Free Promo” visual shows in great detail how loyalty is hard to come by. It starts with a business partner and fake homie getting apprehended by law enforcement. While in custody, the homie ends up cooperating with the police to save himself. Like most informants, he plans to get someone close to him arrested in exchange to stay out of prison.

Like most hustlers, the trap is the hot spot for business transactions and a haven against the opposition. This place considered to be safe is now in danger once the homie comes back after being interrogated by detectives. Energy never lies, so much so that Money Bag Yo instincts are telling him that something is off. Acting like everything is okay, homie tries to put his partners up on a jug to get some quick cash. 

While sitting at the agreed location to make the transaction seamless, homie eventually sets up his partner by taking his life and money for the initial transaction. As homie and his lady friend accomplice grabs the cash to flee, it is clear that Money Bag’s gut was right all along. Rappers Polo G & Lil Durk adds graphic lyrics of heartache and disloyalty due to homies not holding them down and cracking under pressure. While the video shows what Money Bag Yo ultimately wants to do (seek revenge), the police ended up catching homie and his lady accomplice in no time. 

This music video is a true testament that explains why Money Bag Yo doesn’t trust anyone. If you have trust issues, comment below your experience and how solid you are. 


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May 13, 2021

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