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Netflix Presents: Dad, Please Don’t Embarrass Me!

Surfing to find the newest comedy may be a prehistoric way to discover new programming today, especially with original content growing on mobile apps. With the incredible surge of content being presented on subscriber platforms, there’s a new show that has some familiar faces who’ve made their mark on prime time television long ago.

Emmy-Award-winning actor, Jamie Foxx is starring in a coming of age series loosely based on the relationship between him and his daughter, Corinne Foxx. This daddy-daughter dynamic is in full bloom as the executive produced the entire season while showing the world what real love looks like on film. Jamie Foxx (Brian Dixon) plays cosmetic brand owner who is now my life forced to add dad to the balance, once his daughter Kyla-Drew (Sasha Dixon) moves in. As the teenage collision course begins for Sasha, Brian buckles up for all the adventurous bumps on the road that comes with learning how to be a full-time father on the fly. With unconditional love and support from his family and friends, the village of colorful characters comes together to raise this forever-changing teenager Sasha, while still keeping a close eye on Brian.

A cast of Comedy

David Allen Grier plays Pops Dixon. The elderly patriarch who has words of wisdom, and at times just a lot of words.

Porscha Coleman plays Chelsea Dixon. The Alpha female with the world in her palm, and a hand full of fun experiences.

Jonathan Kite plays Johnny Williams. The passive-aggressive best friend cop who breaks more laws than he enforces.

Valente Rodriguez plays Manny. The household landscaping business owner who loves to overstay his welcome.

Heather Hemmens plays Stacy Collins. The life and work assistant makes Brian’s heart sail while keeping his business afloat.

Miracle Reigns plays Zia. The advantageous BFF of Sasha looking to have free fun that usually costs handsomely in the long run.

The show not only has a cast with comical depth, but Jamie also spares no expense by utilizing his ‘In Living Color’ and ‘Jamie Foxx Show’ chops by introducing the world to some new characters himself. Here’s a quick list of notable characters played by the one and only himself:

Jack of all Jamie

Reverend Sweet Tea – Jumping high up for Jesus is what made him go viral. His holy splashing acrobatics is something for the world to see…online.

Cadillac Calvin – Coming to cook and spark up lifelong sibling rivalry is what makes his blood boil, and ultimately engine running to annoy his brother Pops.

Rusty – Also known as ‘The Panther Prince’, this blonde hair mixologist takes pride in getting people toasty while at the bar.

As the #1 shoe overall on Netflix globally, the show “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” is an instant hit that tackles today’s topic with a millennial twist. Be sure to check out the series this weekend and see if it’s living up to the hype.


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April 26, 2021

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