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In school, teachers always encouraged students to ask a question if you have one. Reluctantly, most of my pupils waiting for someone brave enough to ask that one question everyone is apprehensive inquire about. That person who swallowed that nervousness indirectly helped facilitate a learning lesson for the entire class. 

Allen Iverson is the NBA legend who had no problem being the question and ‘The Answer’. Unapologetic for living his truth, A.I. is iconic for forthcoming interviews, tattoos, street style, and an unparalleled crossover. Reebok went back into the lab to recreate the memorable ‘Question Mid’ for avid fans to wear with pride. 

Behind The Design

Pristine is an understatement with this clean colorway. Luxury white leather overlays are stitched throughout the midsole with preciseness. The tongue shares leather along with knitted fabrics to make the shoe more breathable for your feet. Eyelets are outward to make lacing effortless to tie up. EVA midsole is incredibly sound to pound the pavement with light cushioning. Hexagonal pockets are shimmering in performance gel for impact absorption and innovative designs. Icy blue rubber outsoles ensure traction and all-around durability. To make the tennis shoe complete, 3 is found on the back outsole to commemorate AI’s basketball jersey number.

The Reebok Question Mid is out on 3.19.20 at www.dtlr.com.


Writing is a craft that LaMon "Noy" Byrams developed at a young age, but never used it on a professional level. After interning at DTLR/VILLA, the company decided to acquire his literary talents to write compelling articles focused on their latest shoes and sneakers.

March 16, 2020

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  1. When the Question first came out I purchased 4 pairs 1White/Black Toe -1Yellow/Blue Toe -1White/Blue Iridescent toe- 1Bright White/White toe, and the black toe and bright whites were strictly for after 6pm. I wore bright whites with a Hickey Freeman ensemble, and I accompanied my date to a wedding in the black toe wearing a emporio armani G line two piece and might I say the phone to my stylist is still ringing. There’s no question that the question is the answer if you’re looking for a versatile shoe, the question is the correct answer on the court’s or on the town you’re going to stand out just like Iverson.

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