What 2 Watch: Joyner Lucas “Will” Music Video

For every road to success, there is a fearless trailblazer who took it upon themself to pave the way for others to follow. Understanding this concept, hip-hop artist Joyner Lucas decided to pay homage to his idol in his latest music video “Will”. Joyner Lucas has been a fan of actor/rapper Will Smith as long as he can remember. The music video shows Joyner Lucas getting ready to begin his performance wearing a replica outfit from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. This creative blast from the past continues as Joyner Lucas continues the theme by reflecting on Will’s long list of blockbuster movies. ‘Bad Boys’, ‘Men in Black’, and The Pursuit of Happyness are just a few of the many films that were featured in this visual highlight reel of greatness.

Due to his impeccable lyrical ability, each bar depicts Joyner’s journey by using Will’s life and career metaphorically. Since his life is a flick, it was incredibly clever to walk through green screens re-enacting his childhood (and adulthood) inspiration. “Homies my idol and don’t even know it” is just one of the quotes that displayed his intent to ensure Will now knows the effect he has had on his life. In the last scene, Joyner looked into the dressing room mirror and showed Will’s face instead of his. The signature message said, “thank you for helping me build my wall”. Sincerely, Joyner Lucas. Immediately after, you begin to hear voice audio of Will explaining the psychology of perfectly laying a brick a day to eventually build a strong wall. Be sure to check out the album and comment on how you feel about the album below.


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