Ways to Safely Unbox a DTLR VILLA Delivery

Times are changing right before our eyes. All throughout the world, people are feeling the effects of COVID-19. Something as typical as shopping at a mall is a risk that some are simply not willing to take. From early closings to indefinite ones, government officials are taking societal precautions in hopes of leveling out the virus curve from rising.

While physical locations are uncertain what their future holds, the world wide web now relies on more than ever. The increasingly popular activity of ‘retail therapy’ changed from an intersection of buying options to strictly online. This transition can be seamless if you have been making most of your purchases over the internet. However, receiving packages from unknown places can now alarm consumers to copping with caution. I have a few simple suggestions on how to stay safe while opening up a delivered package:

Wear gloves

Your hands are the make and break in staying clean. Having on a pair of disposable latex gloves will give you added protection. Your package has to pass through a long line of delivery points before making it to your doorstep. With gloves, you can open the boxes and handle the product inside with confidence.

Put on a face mask

Surgical masks worn at primary care facilities and hospitals is standard to wear. Since planet Earth is fighting an airborne battle, all kinds of debris, fumes, and bacteria can be accidentally passed. While opening and unpacking your purchase, it wouldn’t hurt to protect your face from any potential germs.

Don’t smell the shoes

I am guilty of the sniff test tradition sneakerheads do when they get a new pair of shoes. In conjunction with wearing a surgical face mask, it is not the best idea to purposely breathe in from an imported shoe. I like the new shoe smell as much as the next kick connoisseur, but it’s not as appetizing as it once was due to the outbreak.

Use disinfectant wipes

I know, you bought a pair of brand new shoes fresh out the box to avoid such a chore. Yet, you have no idea who touched or tried on the shoes before you. Using disinfectant wipes will help remove germs off of the surface. To be on the safe side, I would clean inside and outside of the shoe.

Put on socks

Despite this being a daily ritual of mine, I understand that some prefer to try on and/or wear their shoes barefoot. After putting on gloves, masks, and disinfectant wipes to good use, it makes sense to wear a pair of thick socks.

If you stay ready, you never have to get ready. For those of you who are behind on the curve, consider these ways to protect yourself while accepting deliveries and in general.


Writing is a craft that LaMon "Noy" Byrams developed at a young age, but never used it on a professional level. After interning at DTLR/VILLA, the company decided to acquire his literary talents to write compelling articles focused on their latest shoes and sneakers.

March 30, 2020


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