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There is something stimulating about being able to identify with a show that you are watching in 2020. Sure, this is what drives several viewers of hit reality shows such as “Real Housewives” or “Love and Hip Hop”. Yet, while those issues “mirror” the essence of reality, the art of dramatization still strives to reach the senses of those aiming for real entertainment and the element of reality. There is perhaps no greater example of that than the Netflix hit show, “On My Block”, which this past week was the most-streamed series on Netflix. Not bad for a show in its third season and features episodes not exceeding thirty-five minutes in duration.

The sleeper show made its official debut in the Spring of 2018 and quickly received critical acclaim from viewers and critics. It won a Teen Choice Award that summer as a show to watch and since yet it hasn’t disappointed. After mixed criticism given to its second season, the expectations were severely high for Season 3. On what could be hinted as the series finale from the conclusion of this season, the show struck one large mechanism in success in the final minutes of its season.

For those unfamiliar, the show focuses on the lives of four high school students growing up in California. The group of friends consists of four very different kids all brought together: a mixed female being raised by her single father, a Hispanic boy with battling parents, a black boy from a well-off working-class family, and a Hispanic boy without a father raised by his gang-affiliated brother. Factor in other key characters from their respective families and you have the makings of an unpredictable show. 

While at times the storyline and sublime humor may be overwhelming for most fans, there is a sense of nostalgia that consumes most viewers. There is a tribute to younger years that is often unable to be ignored. Most people associate the days of high school as a good time and perhaps that is what has made the show as successful as it is currently. Season 3 begins to plant seeds for something much more as the students are going into their sophomore year of high school. The female character, Monsae, is coming to terms with her mother committing suicide. To deal with her pain, she decides to go away to an all girl’s school and abandon her friends. The show concludes with a depiction of the four teens’ lives two years later and it isn’t the pleasant start that they began with each other. 

Monsae is now consumed in her new school and life in sisterhood. Former best friends, Ruby and Jamal, find themselves not even speaking. Ruby and another significant character, Jasmine, become an outcast couple confined only to themselves. The final main character, Cesar, ends up joining a gang… the same gang his brother chose to move away from. Talk about the element of reality. Like all good things, especially in high school, all things must eventually come to an end. 

A fourth season has yet to be confirmed from Netflix.

March 16, 2020

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