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In the age of streaming, many new shows are beginning to take to multiple platforms by storm. Recently, Netflix has been receiving acclaim for original programmings, such as ‘On My Block’. This week Hulu premiered a new original miniseries, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’, starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. The miniseries, based on a novel of the same title, premiered to favorable reviews from critics. Three episodes premiered for the show’s premiere, with five additional episodes to be broadcast on Hulu weekly on Wednesdays. While the roles of Washington and Witherspoon are far from out of their norms, there is plenty to enjoy in this still-evolving series.

Washington plays the role of a single mother who works at a restaurant and an artist. Her daughter, Paige, is a freshman going into high school. She quickly meets Witherspoon, a wealthy woman in town who works as a journalist while her husband is a lawyer. Washington’s character, Mia, eventually rents out Witherspoon’s property and works in her kitchen to assist her with the duties around her home. Their relationship sees various ups and downs in the course of the first three episodes, starting with Witherspoon’s persistence to get to know and help her new tenant on a friendlier level. Washington’s character, however, chooses to keep it at a distance. Throughout the course of the first three episodes, we discover there is something dark about her past with her daughter’s father, and hits of her possibly being in a lesbian relationship.

Witherspoon, on the other hand, has quite the dynamic in her family. She and her husband are only allowed to have sex on certain days of the week. She belongs to a friend circle of platonic women, including one who is unable to give birth and adopts a child she found outside. It is later revealed that the child was left by Washington’s co-worker that she later bonds with. Elsewhere, Witherspoon’s children appear to suffer from their own identity issues, including her youngest daughter and youngest son. The son takes a fondness to Washington’s daughter, who is smitten for the older brother. The younger daughter finds herself on the verge of a sexual identity crisis as a potential lesbian. With hints of an infatuation from Witherspoon’s on-screen husband towards Washington’s character and several deteriorating relationships, the main question becomes who set the fire that attempted to destroy the home of Witherspoon and her character’s family. As the show continues to grow, several suspects begin to have ultimatums. 

For drama and mystery fans, the show could be the perfect antidote for curious minds. The show promises to be a successful one for many generations. For younger generations, in particular, it allows a look at the troubles and struggles that can come in their evolution. Accepting one’s self for who you are is an overbearing theme that appears to be en route for much of the cast. 

Tune into Hulu on Wednesdays to see who set the little fire that spread to everywhere. 

March 30, 2020

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