Self-Quarantine, But Make it Normal

10 Everyday Activities To Do While You’re Quarantined During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The country is in panic-mode as we all continue to make sense of the global virus that threatens all of our well-being. As we hoard toilet paper and empty grocery store shelves, remember to respect each other, keep a social distance, do a few sit-ups after eating all your quarantined snacks on Day 2, and most importantly, stay calm.

As most of us around the world are urged to stay home, the antisocial atmosphere can be daunting during a time so uncertain. While maintaining a normal routine around the house, you also want to remain some sense of calmness during this dark storm. Staying home isn’t a death sentence, it’s a lifesaver. It’s your home! Enjoy these little everyday activities while you’re working or watching the kids. And, no need to run out to get supplies for this. These activities are already in your home.

Listen to music

Whether you want to TikTok or Shake a Tail Feather, having music playing throughout the house is calming for all ages.

Binge a new T.V. show

Listen up couch potatoes who watch the same tv shows over and over again! Now’s the time to get into that series your coworker has been talking about for months now. You know, the one you keep saying you’ll watch but never find the time. Also, this is an activity for you and your significant other to watch together…as a team. No more watching without him or her.

Draw, paint or write something

Not only is this therapeutic at times, but it’ll be nice to have a little portfolio when this is all over. You can go back to the archive and remember what you’ve chronicled while the world was going up in flames. Maybe even bury in a time capsule in your backyard. Is that too creepy?

Try a new recipe

Unless you’ve only stacked up on Cheetos and Gatorade, this is no excuse. Stocking up on fresh veggies and meats is perfect during this time. Get your Pinterest on and start meal prepping for the week. Maybe have something cooking in that Crockpot you never use. Having something smelling good throughout the house all day warms the soul. That’s science.


Or sleep. Very similar.

Look at pictures of puppies/kittens

For those of you smitten with kittens or like to cuddle with a puppy. This is always an unplanned activity, though. I, myself, have gone down the unintentional rabbit that is scrolling through cute animal videos for no reason. A warm fuzzy feels your heart when a pet does something cute, so that’s always nice.

Reorganize your closet

This might seem like a chore if you’re under the age of grown-ass. It’s always a nice feeling when your closet is organized and in order. It might also be time to retire some of those coats and sweaters and get your summer clothes out. Get rid of the clutter and make room for the better. Marie Kondo knew it and so should you. If it doesn’t spark your joy, well…you know the rule.

Call your loved ones

Start a text chain with your friends and/or family members and check-in on them. It’s always good to check in on your loved ones’ well being, but this time is more critical than ever. You have a lot of downtimes, there is no excuse.

Take a long bath

Light some candles, play some soft music, get the bubbles nice and frothy. Have some well-deserved me-time. You earned it, superstar.

Learn a new word

I’ll give you a head start on this one:

Lazaretto (noun). It’s a historical term and just another word for Quarantine. It also rhymes with Amaretto. A sweet liqueur that sounds nice right now. It’s rough out here, guys. Be safe and drink responsibly.

How are you being calm and safe during this time?

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March 17, 2020

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