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Miami Brings the Latin Culture at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Another year and another Super Bowl is now officially in the record books. Whether you’re a regular football fan or just an American who tunes in during your annual parties, Super Bowl Sunday is an American Tradition and holiday. It is one that certainly garners millions of viewers annually for the game, the commercials, and the halftime show. This year was no different. As the first of the decade, the expectations were set incredibly high. In years past, The Super Bowl Halftime shows have been rocked by the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars. This year’s headliners were a pair of Latino superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira appeared to deliver what’s been raved as one of the greatest halftime shows in history.

While the two have only been mentioned as rivals, Lopez announced she’d be bringing Shakira on stage with her. This led to speculation on whether or not they would be able to coexist on the stage together, or if they would even perform together. It was later revealed that the two dominating divas would have separate sets as they took to the stage for the most-watched music performance of the year, even drawing larger audiences than the Grammy Awards.

While Lopez may be regarded more so as a top tier talent in the United States, Shakira internationally has quite the resume. She kicked off the show reminding us all that she can still go like it was 2006. Mixing in a medley of her Latin bangers, alongside US chart-toppers “Hips Don’t Lie”, “Whenever Wherever”, and “She Wolf”, the entire stadium was rocking to her set. Even just as impressive as her amazing choreography and stage presence, was the capability of her pipes. Still, in 2020, the girl remains a vocal powerhouse, leaps, and bounds beyond that of Jennifer Lopez.

But if you thought J. Lo was going to be upstaged, you are wrong. Arriving on a pole, a la Hustlers, Jenny From The Block arrived and rocked right into full gear with a heavily lip-synced performance, however, made up for it with her seamless dancing and her effortless stage presence. Never renowned for her vocal acrobats, Lopez reminded the world that she is one of the Pop/R&B pioneers of the last two decades. Her catalog of hits has spoken for itself. 

While people we will like to argue that the showcase was inappropriate for all viewers, there have surely been more controversial performers at the event. While we all are sure winners after this performance, who do you think did it better; Jenny from the Block or the She-Wolf? 

February 2, 2020

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